Friday, 2 July 2010

New things...

Well I've just got back from the lovely Somerset...It's 5am (I hate my neighbours) and I am 'forced ;]' to watch EastEnders! So, I thought this was a perfect time to update, because I haven't in ages.

Here are my latest illustrations! Woop!

...and these are my new Lomography shots. They are taken on a Smena Symbol.

The lovely Laura of Dark Self - Newcastle

Pat, Martha, Florence, Joyce, Mavis and Emily enjoying a snack in the garden.

Belsay Gardens.

Castle at Belsay

Max the Guinea Pig.

Hopefully I'll have a lot more photos in the up and coming weeks when I develop them. Took a lot of film with me. Can't wait to get them sorted.

Lina x

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